Why did I have to wake up ?

Hurry up…We’re Dreaming….why did I have to come back ? I am ready for the peace, the tranqulity, the reality….I tire of this dream. I have cheated Death more than you now, Ben, my friend. How I look forward to seeing you at last. I wish I had known your Beautiful Soul in Life, even though I know it now. You have been my comfort in these end days. It was difficult for me to come to terms of my Death, my Awakening. I felt there was so much I still had to accomplish…so much I still wanted to experience. Then I stop and think of you. Your life was just beginning, even though you had lived more than many ever do. You felt no anger or sadness ? No unaccomplished dream ? The last few days before your Awakening, when you made the videos, you exuded such peace, such knowing. I know you had told people of your impending death because your friends encouraged you to do the videos. But what knowledge you had to not speak and use cards to communicate…just as I have just now, this minute  realized I am doing as well in this blog. I wonder if my words will bring anyone comfort in their last days, as yours did to me. I understood you completely…like I have never…….oh God, I just realized I have been doing this too…..Oh, God, Ben…..I am sobbing, the Prophecy….it is almost fulfilled ! Here I thought I would leave and it be left undone, but it is nearly completed ! I always believed it wouldn’t start until after the Shift, but it began long ago. That’s why the  Protectors have been distant  from me….they knew…they have known this entire time since revealing themselves..  that is why the Natives are silent. They know I am a Star Person as their Ancestor’s were….I am their Ancestor…the Quechua know this too. The article on the ‘Light Beam’ from the pyramid in Bosnia with the movement that defies known physics, I saw it  today…it is a Key, isn’t it ? It has healing powers ? There are others too, aren’t there ? Oh, God they are everywhere !  Oh my God ! oh my God……the noises coming from the Earth..they are connected…they are all connected ! It is 02:15 am…………it is the Time when they have always come to me before. There is a reason I posted my blog from earlier. I feel I must get to my Sacred Mountain…they are there. I know it is the Bridge…Chakana… the Inka Cross….I haven’t thought of them in weeks…. my people….


2 thoughts on “Why did I have to wake up ?

  1. the pictures on my profile…the Time…the watches, the clocks….
    I am the white rabbit too ? We both jumped in the rabbit hole…
    this dream is too crazy ! I put my name down as Magic…..and I am the white rabbit out of the magic hat ?

  2. and the one thought on Why did I have to wake up ? …it’s Time….

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