VIDEO: Yoga Aid World Challenge South Florida!

Hooray for Yoga Gangsters !

Yoga Gangsters

The Yoga Aid World Challenge South Florida is only 3 weeks away and we’ve just reached $20,000 for Yoga Gangsters! We’re still working hard towards our fundraising goal of $60,000 and we need your help to help us spread the word! Please share this promo video which gives all the info on the event, fundraiser prizes, and silent auction & raffle prize opps! We hope to see you on the powerful day… The energy will be MASSIVE! Buy Pre-sale admission for $25 OR create a fundraising profile to raise $108 and get in FREE!

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Yup wonderful dreams, that’s what I have… Look I made a funny.

Can I Keep You...

I don’t know what is wrong with me. Yes I do. I am in love with you. And I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t know how to continue to deny it.


I have to almost drown you out with music when we talk now. Too many times I find myself having to fight the flutter I feel of US. Too often I have to take a ‘time-out’ and try to collect myself. Almost every word you speak sends sparks to my soul that ignite a whole shit load of other reactions I am so distracted by that I miss what you say and end up having to ask you to repeat it, which could also be a bad idea depending on the type of ridiculous thing you say.

Fuck. I even find it difficult to just sit with you, in silence. Are you…

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I’m pretty much ready to follow the white rabbit… Get me the fuck out of here. Thank you and goodnight.

don’t give up, hurt, be angry, miss anyone, or long for someone…..don’t be sorry if it’s over….be glad because it happened xxx

Can I Keep You...

I don’t want to be angry anymore. I don’t want to hurt. I don’t want to miss. I don’t want to long for you. I don’t want to feel the loss of you in my bones. I don’t want my soul to feel like it’s cold and empty. I don’t want to be reminded of the amazing-ness of US. I don’t want to forget the love you showed me. I don’t want to remember the way I could feel your love ignite my soul. I don’t want to remember any of the good. I don’t want to feel the pain from all the bad. I don’t want to be sorry. I don’t want the guilt. I don’t want to be the last thing you think of. I don’t want to be reminded of you every time I lie in the silent, darkness of night. I don’t want to be brought…

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I want you to be real. I want US to be real. I hope you do too… Do you?

Can I Keep You...

I miss you. Thank you for listening, or pretending to listen, tonight. I’m sorry we took so long to talk and listen to each other, we used to be so good at it. I’m sorry if you feel like you can’t talk to me anymore, please know that you can, no matter what. I will never judge you for the way that you feel. 

Hearing you say that you miss US and want US back ignites a spark in my soul. I miss US so bad. I tried as hard as I could to push US to the back and block the feelings but I don’t want to any longer. I want to work on US. I want to make US work. I hope that you mean what you say. I hope that you are not filling me full of bullshit. Please don’t be.


I wish you were here.

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I love you. I can feel the way you love me. I missed laying in your arms, hearts racing, amazing-ness tingling, feeling a love only US can.

Can I Keep You...

I’m trying not to fight the happy. I’m trying not to fight the good that is tingling through me right now. I’m trying to let the sparkle that has awaken my soul wrap around me without fighting to break free from it. I want to believe that today was real. I want to believe that today wasn’t full of fake, that it wasn’t just your way of ‘shutting’ me up. I want to believe that you wanted needed today as much as I did.

When you are gone it is so hard to let US win the battle. It is so difficult to ignore the racing thoughts that fill the silence. It would help if I didn’t feel like it is a chore for you to spend time with me now. I hate that I feel like I make you spend time with me. I miss when US just was…

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